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Protect your assets and keep your residents happy.

Enhanced Renter's Insurance

Protect your communities with enhanced renters insurance from ePremium Insurance. ePremium provides a more comprehensive renters insurance policy than can be found through traditional renters insurance providers. Liability coverage protects your buildings in the event of negligent damage to your rental location, the community or other residents. Residents who are not covered will be responsible to pay for the damages from their personal assets. Contents coverage protects your residents personal belongings and property. Fire and theft are the most common factors contributing to the loss or damage of your personal property.

ePremium’s RentersPLUS package includes our security deposit insurance product, ePremium eDeposit. The one-time, non-refundable insurance premium is considerably less than the money required for a traditional security deposit. This allows your applicants to lower their move-in cost. ePremium eDeposit will cover your resident up to your traditional security deposit amount and it can be transferred to a different unit within the community if they decide to move.

ePremium RentersPLUS

ePremium Products

Why ePremium Insurance?

ePremium provides you with rock solid renters insurance coverage through our enhanced renters insurance policies. Our affordable renters insurance protects your community and your resident's personal property.

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are becoming more common and even more expensive to mediate.  With the Bed Bug Policy, the cost of bed bug removal will cost little to none!

Resident Caused Water Damage

Bathtub Overflow?  Toilet Stopped up? Resident caused water damage can cause major damage.  But we've got you covered!

Pet Damage

 You can rest easy with the Enhanced Renter's Insurance Pet Policy endorsement.  Pet stains, chew marks, etc. are covered!

How can we help?

We Know Insurance

ePremium specializes in renters insurance for apartment communities and single family home rentals.  Hundreds of property management companies trust ePremium for their renters insurance needs.

Let Us Take Care of You

Hands on training for your on-site team. Dedicated account manager chosen specifically for your community. Customer support readily available for your residents. 

Not All Policies Are Equal

ePremium renters insurance policies provide coverage enhancements designed specifically for renters that most of the national auto insurance agencies simply don't provide. Don't settle for a watered down insurance policy. Partner with ePremium today!

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